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The character of Mario was first introduced to the world of video games in 1981, as a heroic carpenter (not plumber) in the popular arcade game Donkey Kong. Originally referred to as Jumpman, his mission was to rescue a damsel in distress from a giant ape named Donkey Kong. In 1983, Mario found himself with his first title role and a different job. He starred as a plumber in the arcade game Mario Bros., which was later ported to many home video game systems. Mario Bros. also marked the first appearance of Mario's brother, Luigi. The game's popularity was short-lived, and in 1985, it was nearly forgotten when its successor, Super Mario Bros., was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Super Mario was not the first scrolling platform game, but it is certainly the biggest and most influential. Here, we celebrate the best-selling video game of all time with a selection of Super Mario t-shirts, perfect for any fan of the video game icon.
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The front of this bestselling Super Mario tee features the adventurous plumber in his tanooki or raccoon suit. A tanooki (or tanuki) is a popular animal from Japanese folklore that is often mistaken for a raccoon. Tanuki appear in numerous anime, manga, and video games. When Mario is in his tanooki suit, he has the ability to turn into a statue for a few seconds. The hard-to-find power-up is a favorite among gamers. The fronts of these Super Mario t-shirts feature the character happily hurrying along in his full-body tanooki suit.

Another bestseller, the Nintendo Mario Cast tee features the characters who inhabit Mushroom Kingdom. In addition to Mario, the shirt design features Luigi, Bullet Bill, Bowser, Lakitu and Peach to name a few. Wear the shirt as you recall all of your favorite Mario characters like Koopa Troopa turtles, Buzzy Beetles, Bloopers and Fire Flowers. Think of it as the entire Super Mario cast taking a bow after the fighting ends and the credits roll. It's also a great cheat sheet to help you identify the characters as you're playing.

This blue T promotes the Mario Bros. plumbing company, which was established in 1985, as indicated on the front of the tee. The vintage design boasts images of Mario and his brother Luigi with the phrase, "We'll Clean Your Pipes," underneath the company name. This authentic piece of apparel is one of our officially licensed Nintendo Mario Bros t-shirts. Pick up yours today while the Nintendo Corporation is still offering them.

What doesn't kill you makes you smaller, at least that's the case with turtle shells in Mario's world. Or get a mushroom and you'll grow into this Super Mario turtle shell tee the second you put it on. Get ready to smash some bricks, stomp some Goombas, and search for fire flowers. It's all in a days work when you've been super-sized by a giant mushroom. Pair this Super Mario t-shirt with the mushroom design available on the 7-Up 1-Up T that is featured below. Choose from a variety of clothing colors and styles.

This clothing design features Mario dealing with first world problems, literally. Most of us can relate, as there are few who haven't been killed by a Goomba, even in World 1-1. If only he could have reached that question block and sized up. Pair this funny Super Mario First World Problems design with Dr. Mario shirts. Who knows, you might need to see him if you eat a bad mushroom, spoiled turtle soup, or contract third world problems like being hit with a hammer by the Hammer Bros.

This Mario Nintendo tee features a funny image that displays the leading causes of accidents. Sure, most people know that speeding and texting cause car (or kart) accidents, but they're taken off guard when a turtle shell slams into them. Wear it as you race Luigi, Toad, the Princess or any of the other Mario Kart characters. Get one of these Super Mario T-Shirts to let everyone know that their favorite plumber is also skilled behind the wheel.

The coveted "1-up" mushroom first appeared in 1985's Super Mario Bros as an orange and green mushroom. Later Mario video games portrayed 1-ups as green and white mushrooms. The front of this tee displays an image of a green and white mushroom with the 1-up symbol pictured in the style of the 7-Up soft drink logo. There are often other ways to earn extra lives (1-ups) in Super Mario video games, such as collecting a certain number of coins (usually a hundred).

Do you remember when Koopa Troopas, Bob-ombs, Boos and Bullet Bills were the biggest threats to your life? Forget everything that you knew because now the biggest danger is Banksy Mario tagging the side of your house. This graffiti-style Super Mario Bros. t-shirt features a parody of a well-known graffiti piece by the street artist known as Banksy. Here, as he protests to save Princess Peach, Mario is hurling a fire flower. This T comes in a variety of colors. Maybe a green mushroom will help his cause.

This officially licensed Mario tee celebrates the highly acclaimed and wildly popular video game character, who, like so many of today's gamers, was made in the eighties. His latest adventure, the Nintendo Wii's Super Mario Galaxy, shows that everyone's favorite plumber has aged nicely. The front of the tee shows Mario jumping as he does in the games, with the phrase "Made in the Eighties" above him. Pair this with a Super Mario Galaxy shirt so that you can celebrate the past and the present.

The classic Mario 'M' symbol can be seen on the front of Mario's red plumber's hat included in the Super Mario costume displayed on the left. This affordable outfit also includes a jumpsuit that features blue overalls, big yellow buttons and an attached red long sleeve tee. The deluxe version includes an inflatable belly to make Mario extra pudgy. The outfits also typically include a large black mustache and white gloves. If Luigi is your favorite, then see the similar Luigi costume.

This uniquely humorous Boo Nintendo Mario tee displays the familiar character as the Boo moon lighting the scene. Fans won't be able to look away as they study the details of this intricate design. Remember, you can't follow them as long as their eyes are on you. These popular ghost enemies first appeared in the Super Mario 3 video game. Pair it with Get a Life Super Mario t-shirts for the perfect good vs. ghost combination.

The front of this funny tee features Super Mario's dinosaur-like friend Yoshi long after his days of providing transportation for his friends. The design depicts him on display in a Jurassic Park style logo. Yoshi first appeared in Super Mario World, which was released in North America in 1991 for the Super Nintendo console. Pick up this unique Yoshi shirt that is both a one-of-a-kind and "prehistoric" looking Nintendo Mario item.

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