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Play Wii Flash Games online through your Nintendo Wii's Opera web browser. Choose from our growing selection of Wii Playable flash games that are compatible with your Nintendo Wii's motion-sensitive controllers (or wiimotes). To play the online games listed below, your wiimote will act as the mouse and the 'A' button on your wiimote will act as the mouse's 'left click' button. You can also play now at your computer by simply using your mouse. Just click on the PLAY link for one of the wii flash games listed below.

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0-Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal - It's Wii Deal or No Deal. Play the Wii compatible game based on the TV show.

plays: 183411  Added: 3-4-08

Paint - This nice looking paint program lets you draw with markers using your wiimote.

plays: 1258798  Added: 8-27-07
2-Dice Wars

Dice Wars - Click an area with your color dice. Click an adjacent area to do battle. Take over the board.

plays: 99793  Added: 8-24-07
3-Chain Letters

Chain Letters - Click on adjacent letters to build words. Submit each word for points. Kinda like Scrabble.

plays: 68123  Added: 3-23-07
4-Art Pad

Art Pad - A cool flash painting application from the folks at AllPosters. Now you can paint on your Wii.

plays: 45894  Added: 2-8-07

Hexxagon - Move next to an opponent piece and it will become one of yours. Cool board game.

plays: 17112  Added: 1-27-07
6-Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors - Now you can relive this childhood boredom solver on your Nintendo Wii.

plays: 35832  Added: 1-22-07
7-Whack a Groundhog

Whack a Groundhog - Like whack a mole but with groundhogs. Move your wiimote, press A to whack.

plays: 27538  Added: 1-13-07
8-Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe - It's that old tic tac toe game you played in kindergarten...and you still stink at it.

plays: 41958  Added: 1-5-07

Simon - Watch the colors light up, then repeat the pattern. You remember this mind game, don't you?

plays: 35673  Added: 12-19-05


Mahjongg - Match two free tiles of the same kind. A free tile cannot be blocked. Clear the board.

plays: 44933  Added: 12-7-05
11-Flash Chess

Flash Chess - I said flash chess not flash chest you perv!

plays: 57316  Added: 12-7-05
12-Checkers Board

Checkers Board - Doesn't force you to take opponent's piece like URCheckers, but not as challenging either.

plays: 63683  Added: 12-7-05
13-3D Reversi

3D Reversi - You must place a piece so that you flank your opponent's piece or pieces.

plays: 19136  Added: 12-7-05
14-Connect 4

Connect 4 - Get four in a row before your opponent does. You know the game.

plays: 51797  Added: 11-29-05

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