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Guitar Hero t-shirt Gallery

Based on the popular Konami arcade game Guitar Freaks, the Red Octane video game Guitar Hero puts a guitar shaped controller into the hands of the player, allowing the pseudo musician to live out his or her fantasies of being a rock star. In order to perform a song in the game, players must play scrolling notes by pressing the fret buttons simultaneously with the strum bar. New songs are unlocked when a set of four or five songs is completed successfully. Below, we present a gallery of rockin' Guitar Hero t-shirts that are perfect for any fan of the game. The tees include the Shred Head Guitar Hero t-shirt and the Jimi Hendrix Guitar Hero tee, which features Jimi kneeling over a burning guitar controller.
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Outfit yourself or a friend in one of these cool band geek hero tees. The designs are centered around various instruments, including the tuba, violin, piano, flute, trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, drums, trombone and numerous others. The designs parody the logo on other Guitar Hero tees and they're perfect for the music lover in your life. Of course, they're also great for the music video game player that you know.

With its vibrant colors, this Guitar Hero Logo t-shirt is a great way to celebrate your love for playing the Guitar Hero video game. Whether you play casually with friends or rock out all night long, this tee is the perfect tribute to your ability to use your controller's fret buttons and strum bar, while also making the colors bleed. Part of the classic Guitar Hero logo appears on the front of this shirt in the video game's white lettering, while the other half of the game's title is represented by a guitar game controller.

These Guitar Hero t-shirts poke fun at first time players. The design on the front of the tee features a simplified version of the video game's guitar controller. Instead of the five colored fret buttons that we see on the normal Guitar Hero controller, the game controller on this shirt replaces the line-up of fret buttons with one large red button that reads, "PUSH". The modified controller on the front of this Guitar Hero t-shirt is known as the Nub Edition. It is not available in stores. As gamers know, a nub is another name for a beginner (noob).

Anyone familiar with the Guitar Hero video game is familiar with the symbol on this tee. It's the Star Power symbol that appears when a player activates Star Power, which allows the player to double his or her score on every note. Star Power is achieved by filling the star power meter so that it is at least half full. In order to do this, a player must hit a series of notes that are outlined by stars. They can also build Star Power by using the whammy bar during sustained notes within these segments.

Grab your Guitar Hero controller and eat up the competition in this cool tee. The design on the front features an open-mouthed skull with red and black bat-like wings protruding from the sides. The video game's logo sits in front of the skull's open mouth. This tee will help you to intimidate your friends even before you start to play. You'll feel good taunting your opponents in this Guitar Hero tee.

Make your controller bleed in one of these stylish Guitar Hero t-shirts. The design on the front of this dark tee features two guitars positioned in the shape of an 'X'. A skull sits overtop and the game logo appears near the bottom. Don't hesitate to make your friends' ears bleed as you master your Guitar Hero video game controller's whammy bar. Demonstrate your skills at the rockin' video game and its sequels, including the Rock the 80s and Legends of Rock editions.

The front of this Guitar Hero t-shirt displays a spoof on the popular video game and its logo design. The funny tee promotes the latest music oriented video game, Cowbell Hero. If you've ever rung a cowbell, or if you've ever seen the SNL skit featuring Will Ferrell and Christopher Walken, then this T is perfect for you. Could this game ever become a reality? One can only hope. Add this shirt to your collection of Guitar Hero clothes, and proudly take on the respected title of Cowbell Hero. It will undoubtedly draw a chuckle from fellow gamers.

The silver tattoo-like design on the chest of this Guitar Hero tee features two guitars forming an 'X', with the video game's title printed overtop. The inked style is a tribute to every GH rocker who has mastered the controller's fret buttons and strum bar. Available in five different sizes, this item will fit perfectly into any gamer's collection of Guitar Hero clothing and merchandise.

This attractive red tee is perfect for either the male or female guitar hero fan that you know. The design displays two dripping guitars crossing over behind a dripping black skull. The image is perfect for rockin' out with your friends in your basement. Hit the Guitar Hero fret button notes and show everyone that you're the master. The shirt is the perfect video game attire. It's an ideal gift for every fan of the hit music game. Women's style also available.

These official Guitar Hero t-shirts display the logo for the sequel, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. Three wild rockers appear underneath the logo, shredding their stylish guitars. The back of the tee displays the acclaimed title "God of Rock." The main difference between this version of the game and its predecessors is that Legends of Rock mainly uses master recordings by the original artists. There is also a new cooperative mode and online play.

The attractive design on this cool Air Guitar Hero t-shirt displays the recognizable Guitar Hero controller on the front. Now you can pretend you're playing the video game no matter where you are. You can shred like guitar legends Jimi Hendrix and Slash any time you want. The unique tee is available in a variety of colors and styles. Add this to your collection of video game clothes.
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