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Simon - Watch the colors light up, then repeat the pattern. You remember this mind game, don't you?

plays: 35738  Added: 12-19-05
161-Look But Dont Touch

Look But Dont Touch - Scope out chicks while your girl isn't looking. Can you beat our rank of Perv?

plays: 41069  Added: 12-19-05
162-Pumpkins Ballade

Pumpkins Ballade - Nice looking witch on a broom scroller. Hold the mouse button to build shot power.

plays: 12164  Added: 12-19-05
163-Poker with Daisy

Poker with Daisy - Can you beat Daisy Duke in poker? C'mon, Jessica Simpson isn't that smart, or is she?

plays: 25750  Added: 12-14-05
164-Yeti Sports Pingu Throw

Yeti Sports Pingu Throw - Wack the diving penguins with your club. Can you beat our distance of 321?

plays: 22867  Added: 12-14-05
165-Tanrei Stadium

Tanrei Stadium - Cool homerun game. Our record is six homeruns on Stage 1. We didn't beat Stage 2.

plays: 21547  Added: 12-14-05
166-Turd Basketball

Turd Basketball - Yes, this is what you think it is. Now go sink a few turds.

plays: 37084  Added: 12-12-05
167-Yeti Sports Seal Bounce

Yeti Sports Seal Bounce - A great series! In this edition you throw penguins and bounce them higher with seals.

plays: 25748  Added: 12-12-05
168-Kick Ups

Kick Ups - Can you beat our Kick Ups score of 22? Move your mouse under the ball.

plays: 22820  Added: 12-8-05
169-Pitching Machine

Pitching Machine - Pick a bat and a team, then press start. Can you beat our score of 8206?

plays: 13311  Added: 12-8-05

170-Hockey Shoot

Hockey Shoot - You get points for hitting players, not scoring. Try to beat our score of 755.

plays: 12895  Added: 12-8-05
171-Pitch n Putt Golf

Pitch n Putt Golf - There's no mini-golf course better than the rooms of your home. Oh, 'jouer' means Play.

plays: 13983  Added: 12-8-05
172-Pool Jam

Pool Jam - Can you sink all the balls in 3 minutes? We did. Good luck.

plays: 19150  Added: 12-8-05
173-Cursor Keep Away

Cursor Keep Away - Keep the cursor away from the little guy. Can you beat our score of 808?

plays: 42249  Added: 12-8-05

Solitaire - Perhaps the most relied on time waster known to man.

plays: 71977  Added: 12-7-05

Blackjack - Same as my magic number in college, 21. Place your bets. Beat the dealer.

plays: 31840  Added: 12-7-05

Mahjongg - Match two free tiles of the same kind. A free tile cannot be blocked. Clear the board.

plays: 45143  Added: 12-7-05
177-Flash Chess

Flash Chess - I said flash chess not flash chest you perv!

plays: 58242  Added: 12-7-05
178-Checkers Board

Checkers Board - Doesn't force you to take opponent's piece like URCheckers, but not as challenging either.

plays: 63811  Added: 12-7-05
179-3D Reversi

3D Reversi - You must place a piece so that you flank your opponent's piece or pieces.

plays: 19201  Added: 12-7-05

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