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Play Wii Flash Games online through your Nintendo Wii's Opera web browser. Choose from our growing selection of Wii Playable flash games that are compatible with your Nintendo Wii's motion-sensitive controllers (or wiimotes). To play the online games listed below, your wiimote will act as the mouse and the 'A' button on your wiimote will act as the mouse's 'left click' button. You can also play now at your computer by simply using your mouse. Just click on the PLAY link for one of the wii flash games listed below.

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Superfly - In this Wii flash game press 'A' to eat flys. Based on The Wild Thornberrys.

plays: 27706  Added: 2-24-07

Kaboom - Catch the grey bombs, avoid the red ones. Spell K-A-B-O-O-M.

plays: 21218  Added: 2-24-07

Winterbells - Use your wiimote to jump from bell to bell. Press 'A' to start. From ferryhalim.com.

plays: 50506  Added: 2-24-07

Oshidama - Use your pointer to nudge the ball into the warp hole. Designed by Game-Pure.

plays: 21117  Added: 2-21-07

Snowboard - Stay to the right of the green flags and to the left of the red ones. From titoonic.dk

plays: 34243  Added: 2-18-07
85-Funny Bubbles

Funny Bubbles - Match 3 like animals in a row. Use the bull to crash through them all. Bank off the walls.

plays: 73589  Added: 2-18-07
86-Missile Game 3D

Missile Game 3D - You are the missile in this Wii Flash game from dxinteractive. Don't crash.

plays: 127559  Added: 2-16-07
87-Arrow Tag

Arrow Tag - Tag the green balls before time expires. Click the gray circle to begin. Frustrated yet?

plays: 14697  Added: 2-14-07
88-Hit the Loser

Hit the Loser - This twist on pool has you trying to hit a ball as it runs away from you. Click 'Play Game'.

plays: 33083  Added: 2-14-07
89-Nanaca Crash

Nanaca Crash - Press & hold to select launch angle, release to select launch power. Use special moves in the air.

plays: 24530  Added: 2-11-07


Bullseye - It's like Wii Darts for couch potatoes. Press the blue button to align your shot.

plays: 46607  Added: 2-11-07
91-Pong Juggle

Pong Juggle - This cool twist on Pong has you juggling three balls. What level can you reach?

plays: 30269  Added: 2-11-07
92-Found Lost

Found Lost - You get lost on your way to a party and stumble upon an old house with only your flashlight.

plays: 49709  Added: 2-9-07
93-Art Pad

Art Pad - A cool flash painting application from the folks at AllPosters. Now you can paint on your Wii.

plays: 46290  Added: 2-8-07

Distraction - It's kinda like when your mom would walk in front of the TV when you were playing.

plays: 34921  Added: 2-8-07
95-Stringem Up

Stringem Up - This Wii flash game requires you to form words using adjacent blocks.

plays: 98896  Added: 2-8-07
96-Sub 2

Sub 2 - Collect the pearls in this underwater side scroller, but beware of the sea life.

plays: 14240  Added: 2-8-07
97-Slow Motion

Slow Motion - Keep your guy on the course with the wiimote. Don't fall off. Collect the balls.

plays: 28981  Added: 2-7-07
98-Kitty Baseball

Kitty Baseball - Move your cat with the wiimote. Put your hand over the target and press 'A' to swing.

plays: 28002  Added: 2-7-07
99-Swoop to Nuts

Swoop to Nuts - Move your wiimote to the left to rise and to the right to dive. Collect the nuts.

plays: 16348  Added: 2-4-07

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