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Play Wii Flash Games online through your Nintendo Wii's Opera web browser. Choose from our growing selection of Wii Playable flash games that are compatible with your Nintendo Wii's motion-sensitive controllers (or wiimotes). To play the online games listed below, your wiimote will act as the mouse and the 'A' button on your wiimote will act as the mouse's 'left click' button. You can also play now at your computer by simply using your mouse. Just click on the PLAY link for one of the wii flash games listed below.

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20-Warthog Launch

Warthog Launch - This Wii Halo Flash game requires you to use grenades to launch your warthog at aliens.

plays: 72095  Added: 11-4-08
21-All Out

All Out - This Wii puzzle game requires you to turn all of the lights out to clear each stage.

plays: 40902  Added: 11-4-08

Rainmaker - Press 'A' on your wiimote to pound rain from the clouds to clean the dirty doves. From Orisinal.

plays: 48203  Added: 11-3-08
23-Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal - It's Wii Deal or No Deal. Play the Wii compatible game based on the TV show.

plays: 185485  Added: 3-4-08

Aquarotation - Navigate the submarine to the oceanic sink hole. Press 'A' to plug the hole.

plays: 40729  Added: 3-4-08
25-Attack of the Cheese Eating Robots

Attack of the Cheese Eating Robots - Use your wiimote to swing the spikey steel ball. Stop the robots from eating the cheese.

plays: 63368  Added: 3-4-08
26-Polar Jump

Polar Jump - This Wii Flash game requires you to accurately jump from one ice block to the next.

plays: 59754  Added: 2-4-08
27-Rooney on the Rampage

Rooney on the Rampage - Inspired by Zinedine Zidane's soccer headbutt, press 'A' to headbutt each opponent.

plays: 53838  Added: 2-4-08

Plumber - Rotate the pipes to connect the tap with the overflow pipe. Click tap before time expires.

plays: 77560  Added: 1-24-08
29-The Explorer

The Explorer - Click the 'A' button on your wiimote to move the explorer to the desired location. Reach the goal.

plays: 42509  Added: 1-24-08

30-Paint Blocks

Paint Blocks - Select the appropriate color, then drag the matching shape onto the paper. Great for kids.

plays: 35184  Added: 1-24-08
31-Doctor Compactor

Doctor Compactor - Use Dr. Compactor's Arm of Doom to defend against the attack. Shoot the little stars too.

plays: 44548  Added: 12-15-07

Blobs - The goal of this Wii Flash game is to jump all the blobs, leaving only one left standing.

plays: 41871  Added: 12-15-07
33-Alien Clones

Alien Clones - Move and shoot with your wiimote. Collect gun upgrades and batteries for energy (life).

plays: 60748  Added: 12-15-07

Reverse - The movement of your cursor has been reversed in this Wii Flash game.

plays: 57187  Added: 11-11-07
35-ClashNSlash Worlds Away

ClashNSlash Worlds Away - Protect your planet from the invading aliens. Shoot with the 'A' button.

plays: 36508  Added: 11-11-07
36-Deimos Lander

Deimos Lander - Land on the Mars moon Deimos without running out of fuel. Requires the wiimote.

plays: 52478  Added: 11-11-07
37-Dungeon Escape

Dungeon Escape - Are you quick enough to escape the dungeon? Click on the glowing ovals as they appear.

plays: 95071  Added: 10-30-07
38-3 Cup

3 Cup - It's like Wii Flip Cup, only a lot more challenging even when you're sober.

plays: 51596  Added: 10-30-07
39-Rock Girl Dress Up

Rock Girl Dress Up - Dress up this rock girl using your wiimote. We didn't say to use your human wiimote.

plays: 84824  Added: 10-11-07

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