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Play Wii Flash Games online through your Nintendo Wii's Opera web browser. Choose from our growing selection of Wii Playable flash games that are compatible with your Nintendo Wii's motion-sensitive controllers (or wiimotes). To play the online games listed below, your wiimote will act as the mouse and the 'A' button on your wiimote will act as the mouse's 'left click' button. You can also play now at your computer by simply using your mouse. Just click on the PLAY link for one of the wii flash games listed below.

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Rebound - Collect all the balls by clicking on the panels to change their angle. Navigate ball to end.

plays: 151437  Added: 3-23-07

Scribble - This wii flash game requires you to connect the dots with your wiimote. Do it quickly!

plays: 147005  Added: 3-23-07
22-Straight Dice

Straight Dice - Click a die once to increase all dice of that color by 1. Form straights of 3 or more.

plays: 16946  Added: 3-20-07
23-Line Game

Line Game - Use your wiimote to navigate the line through the courses (select mouse as controller).

plays: 39231  Added: 3-4-07
24-Rings and Sticks

Rings and Sticks - Choose the right stick pattern to make the sticks grow through the rings.

plays: 34328  Added: 3-4-07

Oshidama - Use your pointer to nudge the ball into the warp hole. Designed by Game-Pure.

plays: 21117  Added: 2-21-07
26-Funny Bubbles

Funny Bubbles - Match 3 like animals in a row. Use the bull to crash through them all. Bank off the walls.

plays: 73589  Added: 2-18-07
27-Arrow Tag

Arrow Tag - Tag the green balls before time expires. Click the gray circle to begin. Frustrated yet?

plays: 14697  Added: 2-14-07
28-2 Many Bugs

2 Many Bugs - To capture bugs, hold down 'A' and draw a circle around two or more similar bugs.

plays: 19801  Added: 2-3-07
29-3D Logic

3D Logic - Connect similar colored cells on the cube by pressing 'A' and rotating the cube.

plays: 45788  Added: 2-3-07

30-Snowman Salvage

Snowman Salvage - Build the snowmen as fast as you can and don't let them melt. It's a childhood nightmare.

plays: 23030  Added: 1-30-07
31-Mouse 1.0

Mouse 1.0 - Touch the circle on each level to begin. Use your wiimote to navigate to the square.

plays: 14768  Added: 1-29-07
32-Plastic Balls

Plastic Balls - This Wii flash game is kind of like Pong except you move your paddle around the hole.

plays: 15233  Added: 1-25-07

Sobics - Rearrange the blocks to get four adjacent blocks. Side by side counts too.

plays: 27639  Added: 1-25-07
34-Snake Classic

Snake Classic - Collect all food on each level to progress. Guide the snake with the wiimote.

plays: 28878  Added: 1-24-07
35-Ball Trap

Ball Trap - Use your wiimote to move the bar and get all the balls to the side that matches their color.

plays: 14158  Added: 1-24-07
36-Lucky Balls

Lucky Balls - Shoot the balls to get three or more matching balls in a row.

plays: 11661  Added: 1-22-07
37-Blox Forever

Blox Forever - Remove similar colored blox by dragging them together. Click and drag with wiimote.

plays: 10499  Added: 1-22-07
38-Crash Down

Crash Down - Try to clear the squares as quickly as you can by clicking on 3 or more squares together.

plays: 13166  Added: 1-22-07
39-Lucky Clover

Lucky Clover - Find all seven "four leaf clovers" in your garden. Do it as fast as you can.

plays: 15782  Added: 1-22-07

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